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"Qualifications & Experience"

Many people believe that tertiary qualifications are more useful than work experience for people seeking employment?

What is your opinion?

Finding suitable employment is a difficult task. Every high school and university graduate must eventually seek and secure a position in the workforce. There is no doubt that this challenge involves a well-considered strategy. While some people believe that quality work experience leads to the best possible employment opportunities, others feel that a good career can only be facilitated through suitable tertiary qualifications.

It is true that we can learn many things through on the job experience. Firstly, committing to a position in the workforce teaches us responsibility. We have designated work hours and we have assigned responsibilities in our positions at work that require ongoing commitment. Further to this, an ability to work in a team and to communicate effectively is a requirement of almost every job. These skills are developed as we progress through our working lives.

The emphasis in tertiary education is on the building of knowledge. University students spend 4 to 6 years gleaning the most contemporary information related to their chosen fields. In fact, there are some careers that regard tertiary level qualifications as a pre requisite. Medicine is a good example. It is necessary for doctors to study intensively for long periods of time before they are able to practice medicine.

To conclude, for some types of employment tertiary level qualifications are an absolute necessity although there are important skills that can be attained through work experience. Individual job seekers need to think carefully about the best pathway for their desired careers.