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"Task 2 English-Medium University"

For myself, I belong to the group that is on favor of universities that are in countries whose official tongue is not English impart courses given on this language. However I also believe that it has some drawbacks.

First of all I'd like to detail some benefits of this development that have emerged in some universities. Developed countries, as Germany for instance, have this sort of programs where the main language of the course is English. That fact opens the door to students of the foreign countries with the willing of preparing themselves to work on some narrow area of a topic, as a Master's degree in Biotechnology or a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, for example. Offering these courses on English makes possible to raise more people interested in a given field and hence, the correct people are going to gain the knowledge needed to make advances in science, medicine, engineering and so on.

On the other hand is the fact that there are a lot of people who don't speak English but have the potential to study a program which is taken just in English. So, the language will become a barrier too. It is true that we are living now in a global world, which means we must have the skills to communicate in a commerce language, English in this case. But that globalization has not raised to all countries yet and the implements of English courses of universities where the official idiom is not English is considered as a manner to divide the culture, from my point of view.

To conclude, despite of the disadvantages of the development of courses taught in English in countries where the native language is not that, it can be taken as a good development for those universities and also, this empowers the constant growing of these countries.

Comment from ITP

Hi Moni, This is a great essay that would in all likelihood score well in an actual examination. Here are a few important points: 1. Your introduction should begin with a general statement and end with your opinion. 2. You need better clarification of the issue. 3. Do not use contractions (I'd, don't). Contractions are for informal writing. 4. Try not to use the pronoun "I". Instead try the phrase "In my opinion". 5. Great conclusion. 6. Please include the essay question. Please make the corrections and the Essay will be completely proof read by ITP.