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Some people believe that university education should focus primarily on giving graduates the skills and knowledge required in the workplace. However, others contend that the true purpose of a university is to give knowledge regardless of the needs of employees.

What is your opinion?

Education services are an important component of any community. However, there is contention regarding the true function of a university. While some people believe that a university should focus on providing practical skills for employers, others feel that the needs of employers are secondary to the provision of general knowledge.

There are two main arguments that support practical programs of study in tertiary institutions. Firstly, subjects such as medicine and engineering have important applications in our communities. Doctors save lives and engineers build bridges. In contrast, students who choose to study arts based subjects have less direct use to our societies. For example, students that study history have a good understanding of the past, but this knowledge is often useless in the present. Secondly, employers need skilled workers to achieve their business objectives. With a highly skilled workforce, local businesses can compete effectively in a globalized business environment.

However, there is a school of thought that feels the function of a university is simply to provide a broad range of knowledge. They contend that an extensive base of knowledge will equip students for all the challenges of life including work.
In conclusion, it is my belief that a tertiary education should allow for the study of a wide variety of subjects. Our universities should not gear themselves exclusively towards the needs of the workplace because, if they do this, the general knowledge of the community will be deficient.

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