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"Teaching Community Values"

Some people feel that the responsibility for teaching children how to be good members of the community belongs to schools while others think that this responsibility belongs to the parents of these children.

Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

Our children are our future, and the responsibility for teaching them should not be taken lightly. One important part of a child's education involves instilling behaviors that are acceptable to the community. While some people believe that teaching communal etiquette is the responsibility of the school system, others feel that parents need to take the lead in terms of teaching children about communal values.

Schools educate our children with a particular focus on languages and mathematics. However, the primary and secondary school systems are also in a good position to teach morals and ethics. It is true that schools bring large groups of children together. In this environment, some type of social order must prevail to allow teachers to educate effectively. It is necessary for teachers to establish a communal code of behavior so that education can be effective. Moreover, the school ground presents the perfect opportunity to introduce young people to social tenets. For example, the rules of play need to be established early in a child's life, and school playgrounds are perfect places to teach these rules.

However, parents are also in a good position to tutor their children on socially acceptable behavior. A mother is a child's first teacher and the behavioral standards that she sets out at home become rules for life. Therefore, parents need to encourage positive behavioral norms so that children can function effectively in society.

To conclude, in my opinion, children require guidance from both teachers and parents. While parents often lay the groundwork for good social behavior, teachers refine and reinforce social ethics in real social situations.

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