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"Teaching Behaviour/ Tam,Tam, Nguyen"

Teaching children and young people how to behave is responsibility of parents, not school or government.

Education plays a crucial role for humans, particularly children and younger generations. One important thing is teaching teenagers how to behave well. There is a notion that the duty of teaching behavior to children falls only to their parents and not to schools or the government. I my opinion, moral education is significant in modern education and young people should be taught by not only their mothers and fathers but institutions and the government also.

Institutions should take responsibility for correcting students' behavior. Children cannot learn everything from their families because families are limited in what they can demonstrate to their youngsters. Institutions teach young people by setting the rules. Children can be punished when they are pesky and naughty or misbehave themselves. To improve moral values of students, the school system involves subjects relating with morals, ethics and civics which help them to have awareness of standards of morality also.
Another argument is that parents and schools cannot control children and teenagers when they are out of sight. Thus, the government also plays an important role in educating the youth by way of laws. Teenagers, who are easily influenced, become delinquents and commit crimes easily. Depending on their level of offense, they will be sent to behavioral camps for those who are under 18 years old. In worse circumstance, they can be imprisoned.

Although schools and the government have programs and systems to educate young people, they do learn manners from their parents. Parents are the first teachers of their children and have important influence on children's behavioral standards. One's guardians' responsibility is setting good examples for children. For instance, when I was a child, my mother always explained to me the importance of showing respect to elders and other people who are older than me. Therefore, it is true when saying that parents are responsible with their children's morals.

Ethical education is very important for the development of children and young people. Therefore, parents, institutions and the government should have responsibility to teach them. However, individual children should also control their behavior. They cannot blame their immoral comportment on their families, teachers or the government.

By Tam, Tam & Nguyen (Q14 Dec 2013)

Comment from ITP

Some good arguments and development. The second paragraph could be better organized. Some good synonymous importance markers: crucial, important, importance, significant.