Task2 - Education >> The Responsibility for Children's Education/ Thu, Thuy, Toi

"The Responsibility for Children's Education/ Thu, Thuy, Toi"

TOPIC: Teaching children and young people how to behave is the responsibility of parents, not the school or government. Do you agree or disagree?

It has always been important to teach children good behavior in society. Some people believe that this is not the responsibility of the school or the government, but that it also depends on their parents. In my opinion, I strongly disagree with this statement. It is a shared responsibility of everyone in society, particularly that of the parents. Now this essay will try to look more closely at this idea.

First of all, when children grow up, they live with their family, in particular their parents. Therefore, the parent's actions mainly affect the awareness of children. They learn how to behave with others. Children can copy the good or bad actions from their parents. For example, in my family, my younger sister hears her mother talk with friends. After that, she says the same things to her friends.

However, children's characters are also influenced by others in society. School and government are partly responsible, not only the parents. Teenagers are still growing up, so they often want to show their abilities. Moreover, they usually spend more time studying at school than at home. They are able to learn bad or good things from their friends. Furthermore, teachers can understand the character of their students and have a variety of methods to improve it. For instance, teachers clearly know the ability of their students, and then they are able to help schoolchildren define their occupation.

Generally, in order to teach teenagers good behavior, it is not only the responsibility of the parents, but they also need to get the attention of society in order to be good citizens in the future.

Comment from ITP

This essay progresses nicely. It would score well in Task Response and Coherence & Cohesion. Good job!