Task2 - Environment >> Air pollution

"Air pollution"

Nowadays, Vietnam is one of the developing countries in Southeast Asia with rapid economic growth. However, there are many environmental issues along with the development of the economy. One of them is air pollution, whose causes and effects are burning issues that Vietnam has to deal with.
Air pollution results from the toxic gases, which are released from industrial and transport activities. Due to the economic development, industrialization is happening faster than before. Many industrial parks have been opened and they release into the atmosphere several harmful substances without treatment. Additionally, the increase in the usage of transport also leads to a huge amount of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is mainly from burning fossil fuels, like oil and coal, which have the highest energy consumption in Vietnam.
Human's health and living are affected badly by air pollution. Many Vietnamese people have trouble with their respiratory system and even some people have cancer because of contaminated air. Furthermore, the increase in carbon dioxide also results in global warming and climate change. Some foreseen consequences of this issue are that there are more and more natural disasters such as typhoons, droughts, longer dry seasons and shorter rainy seasons. Therefore, people have to suffer heavy losses of lives and assets in these disasters. The influence of air pollution is now unstoppable even though both the government and people are trying to change their behavior towards the environment.
In conclusion, there are many causes and effects of air pollution that Vietnam must confront. Air pollution is caused by noxious gases from human activities and it results in people's health and living problems. In my opinion, the government and people should limit the usage of fossil fuels and replace them by other renewable energies to prevent the serious consequences of the polluted air.