Task2 - Environment >> Air Pollution in Vietnam

"Air Pollution in Vietnam"

Task 2 Model Essay

There are many environment issues facing Vietnam.
In your opinion, what are the causes and effects of the biggest environmenti issues that Vietnam must confront.

All over the world, the environment is the most important issue which needs to be dealt with. Now, Vietnam has to be cope with a lot of environmental issues. The biggest issue is air pollution by human activities.
Vietnam is a developing country so they do a lot of activities to improve the country. For example, coal mining is one of the main industries of Vietnam. However, the activities are used to exploit coal release a large amount of smoke and dust into the environment. Burning activities are also a cause of air pollution. During the burning process, carbon dioxide will be discharged into the environment. People usually burn things which they do not use anymore, especially in the industrial parks.
Consequently, air pollution will impact seriously on people's life and health. Lung cancer is one of the most serious results to our health, because, we breathe too much smoke and dust which is not fresh air. Air pollution also makes people feel uncomfortable. When people go out, they always have to wear a mask to protect their breath. Air pollution can not affect our health immediately, but it will produce many serious diseases in the long term.
In conclusion, we can not prevent air pollution because we have to do a lot of activities to develop the country. However, we can reduce the amount of pollution in the environment by limiting burning activities or air pollution. Moreover, it is necessary for people to have a sustainable life in the future, it means protecting our future generations.