Task2 - Environment >> AIR POLLUTION



There are many environmental issues facing in Vietnam. In your opinion, what are the causes and effects of the biggest environmental issuesn that Vietnam must confront.

One of the most serious problems making many governments in the world worried is the environmental issue, particularly air pollution. It is discussed every day and has become a hot topic in newspapers and on the TV around the world, including Vietnam. In fact, Vietnam is one of the countries that has to endure the most serious effects as a result of the contamination of air. This essay will examine what causes air pollution and its negative impacts respectively.

There are many reasons causing air pollution which is the most dangerous environmental problem Vietnamese people are confronting. Obviously, most of the Vietnamese are likely to use personal vehicles rather than public transport because they are more convenient and comfortable. Furthermore, thousands of manufacturing companies and industrial parks discharge large amounts of toxic chemicals into the air without making it clean. Also, burning unclean fossil fuels, for example, coal and gases for cooking, is contributing to the contamination of air. More importantly, clearing many forests to build factories and houses; and using fertilizer to boost the agricultural productivity are reasons producing the pollution of air.

From those causes above, the huge consequences are unavoidable that affect not only people's health, but also the whole society in Vietnam. The first impact derived from air contamination is the Vietnamese will certainly suffer from some health-related problems. Currently, more and more people die because of asthma and breathing problems in Vietnam in particular and the globe in general. Moreover, more and more natural disasters, such as, flood, landslide and drought occur more frequently that destroy the shelter of people, especially, those who are living in the middle of Vietnam. Admittedly, attempting to deal with these impacts is a huge challenge for the Vietnamese government.

To sum up, reasons causing the contamination of air and its effects should be considered seriously. Furthermore, protecting the environment is not the responsibility of any single person, but for the whole Vietnamese society. Personally speaking, the government in Vietnam should make more great efforts and force strong punishment to preserve the environment. Otherwise, it is humans who will directly endure all of these serious effects.