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"Development & Greenhouse Gases"

All nations on the planet have a responsibility to lessen the greenhouse gases that they emit. Although this can be very difficult for developing countries, they also need to make significant reductions.

Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

The industrial age has brought many adverse consequences for our planet. Greenhouse gases have been carelessly belched from factories, power stations and vehicles over the last 200 years. This has caused global warming which is an issue that must be addressed. While some people believe that all countries have a responsibility to reduce greenhouse gases, others feel that developing countries should be exempted.

The governments of developing countries argue that more developed countries are responsible for the bulk of the greenhouse gases that have been emitted into the atmosphere. They say that richer nations like America and Australia became rich by burning fossil fuels. Therefore, the responsibility for cleaning up the mess lies solely with them.

However, the situation is now critical requiring a concerted effort by every nation. Global warming has resulted in significant negative consequences for all living beings on the planet. Flood and drought are more common, agriculture is threatened and species extinction is occurring at an alarming rate.

Action is required immediately by all nations if we are to ameliorate the consequences of global warming. India and China must work hand in hand with America and other developed countries to redress the damage caused by the industrial age. If we cannot work together on effective solutions to the greenhouse gas problem, the future looks very bleak indeed.

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