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"Alternative Energy Resources"

Fossil fuels will never be replaced by alternative energy sources.

What is your opinion?

Recently, many scientists have been concerned about the depletion of natural resources. Therefore, alternative energy sources like wind power and solar power have been developed. However, some critics say that alternative energy sources will never replace fossil fuels. Others, myself included, are of the opinion that such sources have considerable advantages.

First of all, there are defficiencies in the usage of fossil fuels which result from the rise of carbon dioxide. Obviously, the increased use of oil and gas leads to the rise of CO2 which is a precursor to the exacerbation of environmental issues such as climate change and global warming. Thus, alternative energy resources can open avenues for environmental improvement.

In a practical sense, applying such sources could be advantageous. It is important to remember the amount of CO2 will be reduced considerably thanks to solar and wind power. In addition, there is an infinite amount of those sources. Hence, it seems be economically beneficial for those who manufacture, supply and use energy in the long term. Power derived from waste, for instance, is applied in some countries. This could solve the problem of an inadequacy of natural resources and the increase of waste simultaneously.

To conclude, alternative energy resources are more green and friendly for the environment. If people can use such sources effectively and efficiently, this could improve existing environmental problems and conserve scarce natural resources. I believe these sources are safer alternatives to fossil fuel and will replace them in the near future.

Comment from ITP

Hi My. I enjoyed reading your essay. Please see comments below. Do not use "etc" in academic writing. I removed this sentence as it is not consistent with the main idea of the third paragraph. "However, the cost of the replacement process also comes in for a lot of criticism".