"There are many environmental issues facing Vietnam. In your opinion, what are the causes and effects of the biggest environmental issues that Vietnam must confront."

In the twenty first century, many countries around the world have struggled against environmental dilemmas. Vietnam also has many environmental issues which are very serious. Deforestation is the biggest environmental problem in Vietnam. Lack of land for agriculture and the consumption of wood are the main reasons why people cut down the forests. They bring negative effects to people's lives such as flood and drought.

There are two main reasons why Vietnamese people cut down the trees. Firstly, Vietnam is a populous country in Southeast Asia with a small area. Citizens need land to build houses and use land for agriculture. Lack of land leads many people to leave the deltas and move to the mountains which have forests. They cut down trees and grow agricultural plants such as rice, corn and cassava. As a result, many rain forests in Vietnam had vanished to make plantations. In addition, the consumption of wood has risen day by day. Wood is used to build houses and make furniture such as tables, chairs or desks. Moreover, people also use wood to cook meals in the rural areas in Vietnam. As a result, many valuable woods have been destroyed to satisfy the demands of people.

Unfortunately, deforestation also brings more burdens for Vietnamese people. Cutting down the trees leads to flood in the rainy season. Because it rains heavily, there is too much water. Without trees, water is not kept in the land. As a result, every year, there are many typhoons which have destroyed property and even people. On the other hand, in the dry season, many provinces in the central area usually struggle against drought. The weather is very hot and they do not have enough water to drink or use for agriculture. These effects lead to a loss of money which belongs to the government and people.

To solve deforestation, the Vietnamese government has some policies to protect the rain forests. They have established many national parks and botanical gardens throughout the country. This way helps people protect animals and plants better. In addition, hunting animals and cutting the trees are banned. In the near future, deforestation can be reduced in Vietnam because people will recognize the many adverse effects from deforestation.