Task2 - Environment >> Consumerism's Environmental Effects/ Hong, Diem, Au/ Terry

"Consumerism's Environmental Effects/ Hong, Diem, Au/ Terry"

Group Q21 2013-2014

While consumerism is good for many economies its adverse effects on the environment are significant.


In the contemporary world, the economy has been enhanced step by step by many ways such as low taxes, high technology and specially consumerism. As such, consumerism, which is based on increased products consumption, shifts our economies from farm-based ones to factory-based ones so that the business improves day by day. Nevertheless, this brings pressure to the environment and the natural resources resulting in a threat to continuous development.

To begin with, business improvement relating to consumerism has adverse impacts not only on natural resources, but also on sustainability. There is concrete evidence that if natural resources such as fossil fuels, water and minerals are used overly through the demands from economic development, this will lead to a scarcity of those resources. For example,although water sources are almost unlimited, humans might not have sufficient fresh water for living. It means that in many countries water these days is so polluted that residents do not have adequate water in order to live, let alone for manufacturing. Consequently, heavy spending, which is a fundamental of consumerism, puts heavy pressure on natural resources as well as while encouraging economic development.

On the other hand, economic improvement through consumerism has plenty of benefits. First of all, people tend to have high standard of living which means a great deal of products are produced. It is obvious that humanity consumes a wide range of merchandise, through economic development,the consumption of those products increases significantly. What is more, a large number of companies are established because of providing for the demands of markets, this also creates a huge quantity of jobs. Thus, the unemployment rate can be reduced and people can live better and longer.

All things considered, consumerism has both advantages and shortcomings when considering the developing economy. However, it is felt that consumerism brings many more drawbacks than benefits in terms of exploiting natural resources.It is recommended that conservation of the environment should be foremost consideration.

Comment from ITP

You have developed your argument effectively by emphasizing the negative impacts from water usage as a consequence of consumerism. Well done!