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"Environment & Responsibility-Truong, Yen and Linh/ Teacher Sam"


Combating the many pressing environmental problems facing our planet today can be extremely expensive. Some people believe that developing countries should not have to finance this, and that it should be the sole responsibility of richer nations.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, environmental issues have become serious. To protect the environment, we need a huge amount of expenditure. Therefore, developed countries should be responsible first while developing countries should only protect the environment when they become more affluent. As far as I know, I completely disagree with that statement.

It is clear to say that the majority of nations all over the globe now are developing countries and less well-off countries while rich ones just account for a few. Besides that, environmental pollution is not only caused by developed countries but also other nations. Therefore, any nation must implement some methods so that they can keep their environment out of pollution from industrial activities even though they are still not affluent. Moreover, I am sure that well-off countries cannot support enough resources to protect our environment. As a matter of fact, they just assist countries which are facing the most serious problems and the poorest ones. Thus, countries should protect their own environments first.

Additionally, although the development of the economy is really important, it also leads to destruction of the environment. Therefore, we should balance both issues so that we can have sustainable development. It is very dangerous if many countries want to be rich and do not care about the environment. As a result, air pollution, water pollution and habitat destruction can be seen. Furthermore, the economy will fall into recession in the near future.

In conclusion, environmental protection is very necessary now and all countries should cooperate together to maintain a green environment not only for current but also for future generations.

Comment from ITP

A good discussion. Some good synonymous language for developing; "less-well off countries", "not affluent", "poorest ones", and developed; "richer nations", "rich", "well off countries".