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"Trashing the Earth"

If there was a skyscraper to be built in the future, it would be made out of trash. The rising amount of rubbish poses a great threat to our future generations. Will they be swimming in the byproducts and litter that we have unleashed into the environment? We have to go back to the source of all this in order to find a solution.

When did it begin? It began with the birth of industry, also known as the Age of Industrialization. As it spread across Europe and eventually the entire known world, machines started to make an appearance into our daily lives. Byproducts were thrown into the environment carelessly and increasingly, polluting the Earth more and more. This trend grew rapidly and peaked with 2 massive World Wars. The arm race forced tons and tons of harmful chemicals and rubbish into the environment, more than every stage of human evolution combined. After World War II, came the Space Age, which put a real strain on how the environment can handle our waste. Then, we have come to current date, we have consumerism that pushed profit in front of morals and the environment. More landfills are being created everyday. More forest cut down to make room to store waste and factories to burn it.

We are living on our own filth. We have to be conscious of our actions and what they will cause. In other words, we must go green. Recycling is one of the solutions, but it is only temporary. Since it has begun with industrialization, then it is the industries that have to take action. Stop using chemicals that are harmful, and making products that cannot be degraded by bacteria. Up the efficiency of tools so as to reduce the byproducts left behind. There are many more environmentally friendly methods.

As we have seen the cause and we have come to some solution, it is time that we put a stop to this trashing the Earth. The Earth is our home. If you cannot stand having trash in your own house then why does it make the Earth any different?

Comment from ITP

Thong, this is a fantastic, motivating essay. After reading this, I feel energized, and I want to do something to help the environment. You are a great writer.