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"Environmental Issues"

There are many environmental issues facing Vietnam. In your opinion what are the causes and effects of the biggest environmental issuses that Vietnam must confront.

Nowadays, although Vietnam is a developing country, there are many environmental issuses. Danger and death are ahead of us if people do not know how to protect the environment.
The first reason is the litter issue in Vietnam. Garbage comes from food boxes, bottles, cans, newspapers and many other things that people use everyday. The garbage also comes from factories and businesses. For instance, people read newspapers and then, they throw the newspapers away. Some people drink water and beer from cans and bottles and then, they throw them away. All of those make environmental pollution day after day. Consequently, people's health is affected, especially people who live nearby land areas which store lots of rubbish every year. It can also cause dangerous diseases for people once people breathe in the air such as chronic bronchitis and asthma associated with poor air quality.
The second reason for the environmental issue is the deforestation problem in Vietnam. People need to have lots of lands to build houses, hotels, theatres and department stores. Therefore, people have destroyed many trees in the forests to serve people's demands. Besides that, some people exploit wood from many trees in the forests to trade and earn money. Obviously, the land area has been destroyed by the land erosion and deforestation. In addition, there are many calamities which appear more and more in our country such as flood and drought. Hence, they influence agriculture. The farmers can lose their harvest. Worse still, the country can not supply enough food for people. As a result, people's lives will become worse and worse.
In brief, there are many environmental issues facing Vietnam. The main reason is the awareness of individual people. People should rethink to protect the environment and our lives. If people do not stop destroying the environment, the environment will become worse.