Task2 - Environment >> Environmental Issues in Vietnam.

"Environmental Issues in Vietnam."

There are many environmental issues facing Vietnam. In your opinion what are the causes and effects of the biggest environmental issues that Vietnam must confront.

In the present age, with the development of countries through industrial revolutions, people all over the world, particularly Vietnamese, have to face a lot of detrimental effects on habitats as well as societies, resulting from the pollution of the environment.

According to some scientists, the pollution is divided into three parts, namely air, water and land. Moreover, these problems are seemingly inevitable. Firstly, acid rain results from harmful smoke from big factories. Specifically, when the factories release an enormous amount of carbon dioxide into the environment, clouds will accumulate. The carbon dioxide and acid rain is then created. As a result, acid rain can destroy natural habitats and lead to the inbalance of ecosystems.

Above all, I believe that polluted water is a serious problem in Vietnam because it has a large coastline. About 20 years ago, the water in Vietnam was very clean. People could even drink it without purifying from lakes or rivers. However, in recent years, because of higher profits, some factories do not equip waste treatment systems so they dump poisons and chemical substances directly into rivers and the Eastern sea. Furthermore, it affects not only the quality of water but also marine life. When animals utilize food containing chemicals, they can die and influence the next generations. Dangerously, if people eat these animals, they will be significantly affected.

Consequently, the pollution is too enormous to be managed by individuals. Hence, in order to remedy these issues, people have to realize the negative impacts of the pollution to find out general solutions. Moreover, governments ought to formulate appropriate policies to prohibit illegal deeds from factories.