Task2 - Environment >> Extinction of Flora & Fauna

"Extinction of Flora & Fauna"

Environmentalists are concerned about the increasing lack of biodiversity on our planet.

Why are so many species disappearing?

What are the possible effects of the phenomenon?

Our world is blessed with an incredible range of flora and fauna. Every part of our beautiful planet is filled with unique species of plants and animals. Unfortunately, the extinction of much biodiversity has already occurred and is continuing. This unfortunate phenomenon can only have tragic consequences for all life on earth.

The diversity of life on planet earth is in rapid decline. A range of wildlife; mammals, birds, reptiles, marine life and plant species have been disappearing from the face of the earth. An example of an animal that is believed to be extinct is the Javanese Tiger. This animal has been driven to extinction because of habitat destruction and hunting. Sadly, the story is the same for many other living creatures.

The ramifications are hard to calculate. The human species certainly loses something when any form of life becomes extinct. Our world not only becomes less biologically diverse but also less beautiful. When we lose one of our living species, the world loses part of its wonderful complexity. As a result, all of mankind is poorer.

To conclude, the continuing destruction of the environment and the pointless hunting of animals has resulted in extinction on a massive scale. Our beautiful world has lost something and will continue to deteriorate if the wholesale slaughter of animal species continues.