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"International Cooperation & Environmental Protection"

The current environmental issues are serious. As a consequence, the nations of the world must cooperate to ameliorate greenhouse emissions.

Is this a possibility?

Our beautiful planet is in crisis. Temperatures are rising, the oceans are becoming acidified and the biodiversity of Earth is diminishing at a rapid rate. Sadly, the current globalized economic system is exacerbating these problems. To deal with the above environmental issues, economies need to be restructured, and governments have to work together to achieve this aim.

Today's economic system has been structured around consumption. Economic growth is dependent upon consumer spending, borrowing and then spending some more. Unfortunately, this ongoing demand for consumer fripperies also results in the exploitation of the world's resources. Even more concerning, is the carbon pollution that these activities produce.

Every scientist in the world agrees that we must create a more sustainable economic system to conserve our precious planet. However, doing this requires consensus from governments in terms of how the new green economy will be structured. Every nation has its own self interest at heart. Consequently, reaching agreement on changes, that may adversely affect the economies of some countries, will be difficult.

However, cooperation is essential if we are to provide a sustainable green future for our children. Establishing a global agreement on climate change is the objective of the 2015 Paris summit. Leaders from around the world will meet with the purpose of ensuring meaningful action on climate change. One item on the agenda is carbon emissions. It is hoped that the Paris Summit can negotiate and deliver limits on this type of pollution to ameliorate the associated global warming.

In December, we will be looking to Paris and hoping that our leaders can deliver real meaningful change to ensure a sustainable future.