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"Motor Vehicle Issues"


The private motor vehicle has allowed for a significant improvement in freedom of movement. However, the increased use of cars has resulted in serious problems.

Discuss these problems and offer some possible solutions.

The nineteenth century was really the century of the motor vehicle. In many developed and developing countries cars enabled people to move freely. Today, cars continue to be an indispensable method of transportation for most communities. Although the automobile has given great benefits, it has also caused significant problems.

The most serious problem resulting from the motor vehicle is pollution, and there are three main ways that the car pollutes the environment. Firstly, cars emit carbon monoxide. A car's engine burns petrol and the by-product of this process is a range of greenhouse gases. Secondly, roads and parking lots that are created for cars require significant amounts of space. These large tracts of land would normally be forested. These forests could be helping to provide a cleaner, greener environment. Thirdly, the processes involved in manufacturing vehicles also pollute. For instance, the mining of metals and the creation of plastics and paint employ highly polluting processes.

However, there are solutions to the pollution problems caused by cars. Perhaps the best solution is to encourage people to use their cars less often. For example, better public transport choices could enable people to leave their vehicles at home. Another solution involves using more environmentally friendly fuels. Ethanol and bio-diesels are good examples.

In conclusion, the motor vehicle has changed the way we live allowing for much greater mobility. However, cars are not without problems that need solutions, particularly, the problem of pollution.

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