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"Petrol & Pollution"


The best solution for the increasing traffic and pollution problems is to put up the price of petrol.

Do you agree?

Our environment is a precious thing. Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more polluted. One form of pollution, air pollution, is a significant problem due to exhaust emissions from automobile usage. The increased use of cars is also responsible for crippling traffic jams. While some people believe that increasing the price of petrol is the best solution to these problems, others feel that the issues can be addressed through other means.

Cars emit pollutants, such as carbon dioxide, and these toxic gases are accumulating in our atmosphere. One possible way of reducing air pollution is by reducing the usage of automobiles. Basically, if people drive less there will be less of a need for burning petroleum, and, consequently, less carbon dioxide will be emitted into the air. Simple economics would say that raising the price of petrol should decrease the demand for its usage.

However, people will always need to drive their cars. For example, in many cities around the world public transport systems are inadequate. Los Angeles is a good example. If the price of petrol was increased in this city, people would be forced to find enough money to pay for the price rise. This is because there are no alternative forms of transport in this city. In addition, a big rise in the price of petrol would prohibit poorer people from using their cars. The rich could go on polluting while the poor would find it difficult to commute to work.

In summary, it is my strong belief that an increase in the price of petrol is not the best solution to our air pollution dilemma and traffic problems. If better public transport options were provided, people would not be so dependent on their vehicles, thus, atmospheric pollution and traffic issues would be ameliorated.

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