Task2 - Environment >> Deforestation


Writing task 2:

Question: There are many environmental issues facing Vietnam. In your opinion what are the causes and effects of the biggest environmental issues that Vietnam must confront.

In recent years, the environment has become a burning topic for many countries in the world. Without exception, Vietnam must confront many environmental problems and one of the predominant issues is deforestation. This environmental issue has many causes and also brings about a lot of consequences for people.

Deforestation happens in Vietnam because of two crucial causes, which are the expanding of farmlands and wood usage. The farmlands are narrowed daily due to construction, therefore, farmers who lose their cultivated lands, cut down trees in forests to expand the farmlands without replanting new trees. Moreover, wood exploitation is also one of reasons that results in deforestation. Many people exploit wood from trees illegally to trade and take individual benefits, but they are not aware of the repercussions.

Consequently, the destruction above leads to many tremendous effects that influence people's lives. As we know, the respiration of vegetation absorbs CO2 and release O2; thus, without trees, the atmosphere will be overwhelmed with CO2 and inadequate O2 for us to breathe. Subsequently, people will easily suffer respiratory diseases such as asthma and breathing disorders. What is more, once trees are cut down, there is not enough time for soil to keep water in the ground, then water will pour to lower areas and cause floods. It not only causes floods in the rainy season, but also induces droughts in the dry season because underground water is not kept when rains fall.

To sum up, there are many causes of deforestation and its effects are not insignificant. Vietnam is facing this thorny issue daily. Personally, I think it is pressing for the government to have some effective solutions and rigorous policies to prevent forests from exploitation.