Task2 - Environment >> Resource Exhaustion

"Resource Exhaustion"

Consumption of the world's resources (such as oil, fresh water etc.) is increasing at a dangerous rate. What are the causes of this increased consumption? What effects do you think it has?

Every living creature on our beautiful planet utilizes the abundant resources available to them. Earth is blessed with a bountiful environment that provides for all life. However, there are limits to what mother Earth can give, and, as the human race expands to beyond 7 billion people, the rate of consumption of these limited resources is becoming unsustainable.

Mankind is the most successful living creature on our planet. As a consequence, people have inhabited every corner of the globe. This population explosion has placed significant stress on the world's resources. The basic needs of a human being are water, food and shelter with our planet now providing for 7 billion individuals. The consumption of these resources is exacerbated by more recent requirements for inessential items. Consumerism now demands a range of unnecessary material goods such as the newest mobile telephone, a second luxury car or even a fur coat.

The impacts of such mindless consumption are far reaching. Perhaps the best example is the current water supply around the world. This resource has been used and abused throughout the industrial revolution. Much of our water resource is now polluted and supplies have been depleted. Further to this, our oceans are becoming acidified because of carbon dioxide emissions.

Sadly, water resources are just one example of the overuse and general abuse of our world's resources. If we continue to selfishly exploit the world's gifts, without considering our planet, the world will become a very bleak and barren place for future generations.