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"Solar Solutions"

Solar power is the best alternative to carbon intensive fossil fuels.

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The world is heating up as a consequence of greenhouse gas emissions. Unfortunately, many countries derive their energy from fossil fuels, and the exploitation of these fuel types results in greenhouse gases. However, there is a solution. Solar power has the potential to provide for all of our energy needs. In fact, developments in solar power technologies have now produced a real alternative energy source to the burning of oil and coal.

Solar power is produced through the conversion of sunlight into energy. The technology required to access this energy source has been available for almost 50 years, but it is only now that solar has become a realistic alternative to the traditional coal fired power station. The main reasons why solar is now such a great energy alternative are cost and efficiency. Over the last 10 years, solar power has made significant technological developments. Solar cells have become cheaper and more efficient. The photovoltaic cells that are now used in solar panels are significantly more efficient in converting the sun's energy into electricity. In fact, there are solar systems available today that are capable of converting 25% of the sun's power into electricity. Further to this, technological advances have resulted in solar panels becoming significantly cheaper. The cost of a rooftop solar system with battery storage is now affordable for the majority of people. It is also estimated that the initial monetary investment can be reclaimed over a period of 7 years as there are no further household electricity cost.

To bring clean, green solar power to our cities requires an initial investment that can be substantial. However, the long term advantages cannot be ignored, and governments should be prepared to invest in the future of our planet.