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"Sustainable Future"

The Earth's ability to provide for humanity is being compromised.

Do you agree?

Mother Earth has provided us with a beautiful environment to sustain our lives. We have been gifted a planet that provides for our needs. However, there are limits to what our world can realistically give to us. Today the Earth is under stress due to a population explosion and the indiscriminate exploitation of limited resources.

The world's population is now more than 7 billion people and this figure is rising exponentially. The basic needs for every one of these world citizens are food, water and shelter which are provided for us by our beautiful planet. However, there are limitations to these fundamental resources. Perhaps the best example is water. This resource has been carelessly exploited in many countries resulting in the current shortage of quality water supply. In fact, many countries are now unable to effectively provide this most basic resource for their citizens. In the twenty first century, quality water supplies are becoming scarce. It is a fact many countries have experienced long periods of drought. The reality is that there are too many people wasting this precious resource.

Sustainable usage of water resources is important for the future of humanity on this planet. This can be achieved by reducing consumption and increasing recycling. Grey water, which is the waste water produced in households, needs to be properly utilized. This water resource can be filtered and reused, or it can be given over to agriculture.

While our world appears to be infinitely sustainable, we are coming to a point where our exploitation of resources has a use by date. If people understand that there are limits to what the earth can provide, our beautiful world will continue to provide for future generations.