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"Viet Nam-Deforestation"

TOPIC There are many environmental issues facing Vietnam. In your opinion what are the causes and effects of the biggest environmental issues that Vietnam must confront.

Environmental issues are challenges for many nations, especially in poor and developing countries which are catching up to the developed ones. Vietnam is inevitablely listed in the eighty countries which are facing deforestation. This situation has resulted in annihilated animals' habitats and natural disasters occuring exponentially.

The first main cause of tree-felling is weak governmental management. In fact, corruption has aggravated this relentless ravaging, as many self-absorbed organizations can turn a quick and huge profit illegally without any punishments from the government. In other words, the forest areas of Vietnam have been significantly reduced which has led to lessening the biological diversity, especially rare plants and animals.

Secondly, concerning deforestation, over-farming has attributed to this issue. Particularly in remote areas where this has caused serious destruction, because of a lack of land people usually cut down or burn the forest to enlarge their areas. Without trees the soil is washed away, consequently culminating in mud slides, erosion and flooding. In addition, this situation also produces a lack of carbon dioxide absorption which creates a difficult atmosphere to breathe.

To sum up, the forest, a precious natural resource, makes a remarkable contribution to the Vietnamese economy. However, unless it is under control, it will put our future on this blue rock in danger. It is necessary to create strict laws and reforestation which is an urgent and sensible solution to protect and maintain this valuelable resource for our new generation.