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"Environmental Problems/ Luong Vien"

TOPIC: there are many environmental issues facing Vietnam. In tour opinion what are the causes and effects of the biggest environmental issues that Vietnam must confront.

In recent years, environmental issues have become alarming issues in Vietnam. There are many reasons that make the environment become worse and affect people's lives significantly. Deforestation, in particular, is one of the most insurmountable problems that the Vietnamese have to face.
Chief among the causes of this problem is the low perception about the environment of Vietnamese people. Most Vietnamese do not understand how important a forest is. People usually cut down trees to build houses or to sell in the market. Seemingly, except for themselves and their families, they ignore what will happen to the society and future posterity when the forests or the environment is destroyed. So, the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam should improve and enhance the knowledge about the environment so students have an insight into the consequences of environmental destruction such as deforestation. Because of deforestation, no trees will hold the Earth's soil, the results of this problem are soil erosion, landslides, and mudslides.
Further and even more importantly, global warming is also one of the causes of deforestation. In recent years, when affected by global warming, the climate and weather have changed in Vietnam. This leads to many disasters such as storms, floods and typhoons. These terrible disasters usually demolish the forests. When the forests disappear, the atmosphere is also destroyed because forests are the lungs of the Earth. They create oxygen for people's breathing.
In conclusion, environmental issues are extremely vital to all individuals around the world. People should consider and conserve the environment as they do for their families. Moreover, people need to remember that they cannot exist on the Earth if the environment is destroyed.