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"Trashing the Environment"

It is generally agreed that the amount of rubbish created by humans today is the worldwide problem.

What do you think are the causes of this situation?

What measures can be used to tackle the problem?

The environment is the most important influence for human sustainability. However, it is gradually being destroyed by the amount of garbage which humans have produced over the last few centuries. In this essay we will try to discuss several causes of why people are unaware of how to protect the environment and solutions to reduce the amount of pollution we create.

To begin, we will consider two reasons why the environment is being polluted by humans. First of all, some people say that the population explosion is the principal reason for this problem because there are too many people. This has led to an increase in the amount of rubbish and waste being manufactured. For example, some people are unaware of the effects of polluting the environment, therefore, they throw away plastic bottles and plastic bags not only on streets but also in rivers instead of putting them in waste baskets. Secondly, the growth of tourism is also a major cause of a polluted environment because the number of tourists increases along with the consumption of transport, water and food. As a result, humans are having the main impact on the environment.

Turning to various solutions to improve the environment, some people, who have less knowledge about waste disposal, should be educated through student course books and the media. In addition, governments should reduce the pressure of over population in urban areas by encouraging citizens to move to the countryside. On top of that, they should provide sufficient rubbish bins and punish people who throw away garbage in areas such as parks, streets and rivers with fines such as in Singapore.

By way of conclusion, although the problem of environmental damage due to increasing waste all over the world may seem impossible to eliminate, there are several effective methods that can be taken to improve the negative influence of growing waste on society. It is recommended that we should protect the environment even through small acts such as recycling and reusing old items.

Comment from ITP

A good discussion with some good examples to support your opinion. Some great academic language for cause and effect: causes we will consider two reasons why is the principal reason for this problem This has led to the effects of is also a major cause of As a result, ........are having the main impact on the ...............