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"Waste Management/ Nguyen, Phuong, Nghia"

Is it generally agreed that the amount of rubbish created by humans today is a worldwide problem. What do you think are the causes of this situation? What measures can be used to tackle the problem?

There are many serious problems related to human activities occur in recent years. Everyone desires a comfortable live and increases the use of goods and services. Therefore, rubbish production is the biggest threat that affects to the environment directly. It originates from many considerable factors and also needs some flexible solutions to reduce the amount of waste and its harmful impacts.

To begin with, the lack of education is a primary reason that contributes to the increase of garbage globally. Since many people are not educated positively about the adverse impacts from throwing out trash. For instance, children often litter package from junk-food when they eat as a normal habit; and many people waste their money for purchasing indispensable items and throw them away after using once time. Secondly, due to the rise on density population, the demand for goods and services also goes up promptly. As a result, the higher consumption, the more waste produced.

In terms of solutions, the government should be largely responsible for the waste management problem. First of all, the government ought to build up more practical activities associated with the environment at school as well as in public. Take Europe as an example, every household has four various dust bins in their house to put garbage into them, so the waste treatment companies will be easier for collecting and recycling the rubbish. Moreover, companies also should minimize the products with many unnecessary packages or replace to some e-co materials.

To sum up, although education plays a critical role to change humans' behavior, the authority institutions need to have stronger legislation to cope with the amount of rubbish. Besides, individuals are likely to give a hand in protecting the environment.

Comment from ITP

A good problem/solution essay with some great synonymous language: tackle, situation, problem, threat, reduce, harmful. Your cause/effect language is also effective: created, causes, threat, affects, originates, impacts, contributes to, due to, as a result.