Task2 - Ethics >> Animal Rights/ Ha, Hien & Loan/ Terry

"Animal Rights/ Ha, Hien & Loan/ Terry"

Animal rights supporters believe that it is morally wrong to use or exploit animals in any way. Why do some animals suffer ill treatment, and what are some of the effects of this problem on society?

Animal ethics is a common term used to describe human-animal relationships and how animals ought to be treated. In recent years, there has been an alarming rise in animal cruelty, which is absolutely unacceptable. This essay will indicate some of the reasons for animal experiments, that have led to some adverse consequences for the public.

There is little doubt that animal testing is widely conducted in order to develop new medicines as well as to test the safety of other products. One of the most obvious reasons is that many animals do not have any rights, and they are given insufficient legal protection. Therefore, animal species are not considered to have equal value in comparison to humans. For example, there are multitudes of primates that are subjected to medical testing every year, and the majority of them are utilized to test the safety and effectiveness of the latest versions of medicines and vaccines, which may contain toxins. In addition, animal experimentation for cosmetic companies continues even though non-animal tests are widely available. For instance, rabbits are exploited for skin irritation testing of cosmetic products in order to predict human reactions. Once again, animals will have to absorb poison and other harmful chemicals, which can totally destroy their bodies.

The abusing of animals has led to some adverse effects of which the deaths of animals are the most apparent ones. Animals are more likely to lose their lives as a result of being poisoned by a variety of hazardous substances. Furthermore, animals that are used for experimentation will suffer pain and psychological distress as a consequence of experimental procedures. Another possible outcome of animal exploitation is that animals' original genes could be changed due to the effects of experimental procedures. Thus, those animals could have different abilities and behavior compared to their ancestors.

All in all, it is absolutely immoral to ill-treat animals for any purpose. Hence, animals should have the right to live free from unprovoked pain, suffering and exploitation. Authorities should provide permanent bans for all tests on animals, and promote animal awareness to the community as well.

Essay by Ha, Hien&Loan.
Terry's class
Q4 2014-5

Comment from ITP

This is an excellent essay. Your arguments are compelling. I agree that animals should be given the same legal rights as humans.