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"Capital Punishment"

Some people believe that capital punishment should be abolished.

What is your view?

Capital punishment has been used throughout history by many countries. Today, capital punishment is a highly contentious issue throughout the world. While some people contend that capital punishment should be retracted, others believe that it is a necessary means to deal with crime.

Supporters of capital punishment claim that it can contribute to a reduction in the crime rate. For example, before a person commits a crime, if he or she is aware that there is a possibility of execution for that crime, then perhaps the potential criminal would think twice before acting against the law.

However, there is no evidence supporting this theory. In fact, the majority of murders are crimes of passion. This means that the criminal is often suffering from extreme emotional duress. For example, jealousy or anger may induce strong feelings resulting in violent crime. Moreover, opponents of capital punishment say that it is not related to the crime rate. This is best exemplified by some countries in Europe that have abolished execution style punishments. In these countries the crime rate did not increase as a result of changes in the law.

In conclusion, it is my strong belief that capital punishment is cruel and unnecessary. If communities focus their energies on crime prevention, the chances of people committing serious crimes will be ameliorated.

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