Task2 - Ethics >> Consumer Mentality

"Consumer Mentality"

We live in a consumer society where many people seem to shop without any useful purpose. In fact, many people today go shopping as some form of entertainment.

Why do people engage in this type of consumerism?

Are there any negative consequences from this type of behavior?

In the modern developed world, consumerism takes center stage as a driver of the economy. In fact, many so called developed economies are dependent on consumer spending for growth to continue in their countries. Therefore, the citizens of these countries are encouraged to shop until they drop. However, there are adverse consequences associated with this type of mindless consumer behavior.

In consumer societies, the community is constantly exposed to marketing through a variety of media. This is the main reason why people are often persuaded to buy fripperies and other useless consumer items. Moreover, advertising can establish trends and fashions that give consumers some kind of feeling of obligation. They believe that they must purchase the latest designer brands so that they can be a part of a consumer society. There is almost a type of pressure on individuals to take part in this type of consumerism. Designer brands become more attractive when they become part of the national awareness because everybody is wearing them.

Unfortunately, there are adverse consequences linked to this type of consumer behavior. Firstly, mindless engagement in mass marketing campaigns for consumer items has negative effects on people's consciousness. If people are making decisions based on what everybody else is doing, they will eventually lose their individuality. They may even lose the ability to clearly think for themselves. Furthermore, mindless consumerism has no respect for the environment. People need to understand that everything they consume comes from the earth's resources. It is immoral to exploit the resources of the environment wastefully.

To conclude, it is difficult to avoid the persuasion and temptations inherent in consumer societies. It is important for people to carefully consider the consequences of every purchase, particularly on the environment.