Task2 - Ethics >> Consuming the Future

"Consuming the Future"

Today's consumer societies are exploiting the world's resources unsustainably.

What are the future consequences of this consumption?

The planet that we have been gifted was intended to be infinitely sustainable. The air we breathe, food we eat and water we drink were provided in ample supply. However, unsustainable consumer practices have led to pressure being placed on the ability of our planet to continue to be able to provide for its human inhabitants. Unfortunately, the future for our grandchildren looks grim, as the unsustainable exploitation of resources will eventually have serious adverse effects on our planet.

In today's world, people consume carelessly. Perhaps the best example of this is the consumption practice of the mega rich. Indeed there are people in this world who have acquired extraordinary wealth. Often, these people consume indiscriminately without any regard for the present or future environment.

Another example of rampant consumerism belongs to the middle class members of society. They are enabled to consume beyond their means through debt. There are people in this world who live by the mantra of borrow now, have now and pay later. Unfortunately, the current debts must one day be paid and it is likely that future generations will one day be responsible for much of today's indebtedness.

To conclude, in my opinion, people should tred lightly on the Earth. Everything we consume today is something that cannot be consumed in the future. If we continue indiscriminate consumption of the Earth's resources future generations will be unable to enjoy the fruits of this wonderful planet.