Task2 - Ethics >> Digital Age Recording

"Digital Age Recording"

In today's world, digital technologies can record what people are saying and doing while people are often unaware that they are being recorded.

Do the advantages of these technologies outweigh the disadvantages?

The twenty first century has been called the information age. It is true that in today's world huge quantities of digital information can be collected and stored on a range of electronic devices. While there are significant advantages associated with acquiring and storing information digitally, ethical issues do present themselves when individuals are unaware that their personal information is being gathered.

Perhaps the best example of a digital data storage and collection device is the contemporary mobile telephone. Today's cell phones have many functions that go beyond simple communication. Today, a mobile phone can be used for audio/visual recording as well as the ongoing collection of text messaging. In fact, the average mobile phone is really an unlimited data base of personal information which can easily be uploaded to the world wide web. However, there are situations where individuals may have no awareness of the fact that their personal information is being stored, and they may not want their personal information in the public sphere. Records of conversations and events may be sensitive and could be exposed to the general public causing difficulty for the people involved.

It is important to note that there are advantages linked to the ease by which audio, visual and textual information can be recorded and stored. The best example would be the security camera systems that have been installed throughout our cities. These days, it is almost impossible to commit a crime without the action being caught on camera. In fact, the majority of crimes are solved relatively quickly through the use of video evidence.

To conclude, technology has facilitated the efficient and effective collection of data. This digital information has a tremendous range of uses although, in some cases, personal information that has been gleaned digitally must be respected and treated with care.