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"Crime & Punishment"

Some people feel that all criminals should be treated the same, regardless of the circumstances of their crimes. However, others think that the events surrounding a crime need to be considered carefully before punishing criminals.
What is your opinion?

Dealing with criminals has always been a sensitive matter for the public and for the criminals themselves. Sometimes, unfortunate things happen and we just cannot judge every crime by the same stereo type.

When looking at a crime, we have to look at evidence relating to the crime. We could arrest the wrong guy if we are not careful. Then we have to look at his background. If a person suffered from an abused childhood, has a mental illness, is a victim of rape or witnessed multiple murders at a young age, it could have definitely affected what he would do in the future. That type of thing can change a death sentence to maybe life in prison or being treated with mental health care. Every serial killer has had a troubled childhood. That is why we have to really consider a person's background before any sentence can be given.

Then there are some unfortunate events, which lead to the act of crime. Every day a person has to eat, and that is why they do what they do. For example, a homeless man in Louisiana robbed a bank for just $100 because he was hungry and needed a place to stay. However, he felt remorseful and turned himself in with the money because he said his mother did not raise him that way. But, the court sentenced him to 15 years in prison. That is one example of why we should not jump to judgement.

Crimes will always be around as long as there are still injustices in this world. Let us judge those who committed crime with the justice they deserve not what we want them to have.

Comment from ITP

Once again, you have used some great examples to support your opinion. Great essay.