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"Gender Discrimination/ Quach Lam & Nguyen Kim Ngan/ Terry"

"A woman's place is in the kitchen". Do you agree?

Gender discrimination is a globally problematic issue, which has not yet been resolved in many societies. There is a prevailing belief that women should remain at home, rather than getting a job, but other people disagree. In my opinion, women should have the same opportunities as men to participate in the workforce.

The primary reason is that women's characteristics and talents are compatible with many jobs such as nursing, hair styling, and especially kindergarten teaching, which men are not as good at. To be more specific, to be able to teach and take care of children, teachers are required to have certain amount of patience, extroversion and conscientiousness, which can be identified as mostly female traits. This includes multitasking abilities which allow women to accomplish many tasks, including educating and reading stories for many children simultaneously. As a result, these innate abilities of females would be wasted if they are not given any chances to be expressed.

Even though women and men are equally educated in some countries, women's results appear to be much better than men. In schools, female students usually do more homework and attend classes more regularly. They usually work harder to justify their positions in society. Marie Curie is a good example. She was a pioneer in the field of radiation research. Consequently, she was the first recipient of two prestigious Nobel prizes in two different fields. This goes to show that female's abilities can be efficiently utilized and they should receive the same work opportunities.

Yet, because of traditional influences, some people believe that when a woman has a baby, she is obliged to be a full-time mother. Women tend to be the victims of the burden of bringing up children, looking after the home and running domestic affairs. Meanwhile, the men go out to be the bread-winners and do not look back at the housework or child minding.

In conclusion, men and women have the same human rights, so we should provide the same opportunities for them to reach their potentials. It will be for the best if people abandon old ideas that are biased against women. Women deserve more respect and the same chances of going to work as men.

Nguyễn Kim Ngân
Terry's class
Q4 2014-15

Comment from ITP

This is an excellent essay. "GO GIRLS!" You have used some fantastic adjectives to describe your nouns. problematic (issue) prevailing (belief) primary (reason) innate (abilities) prestigious (prizes or awards) traditional (influences) biased (against something)