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"Globalization Advantages & Disadvantages"

The best way for poor countries to develop is through the process of globalization.
To what extent do you agree?

In recent years, globalization has occurred and changed the world rapidly. This not only affects affluent countries but also poor nations in many ways. While some people think that the process of globalization is necessary for development in developing countries, others argue that people have to carefully consider its advantages and disadvantages when the globalized opportunity has come to their countries.

To begin, it is obvious that the third world countries have received enormous benefits from globalization. Firstly, local businesses and companies have chances to connect with foreign markets. As a result, their production of goods will increase through demand. The local workers can also have potential jobs which enable them to improve their living standard. Moreover, the youth have golden opportunities to converge with the developed cultures, via education, entertainment and science. Globalization really brings positive hopes to both impoverished nations' governments and their citizens.

On the other hand, there are also some drawbacks. Because many multinational companies which take control over markets are very powerful, it seems to be difficult for local enterprises to compete. If local businesses do not carefully consider their business plans and goals, they will lose market share in their home country. In addition, converging through globalization means the retention of traditional cultures becomes more challenging. There is a risk of cultural erosion when overseas values are imported and affect the younger generation.

To conclude, although globalization has its advantageous and disadvantageous sides, I strongly believe that its benefits can improve impoverished countries' economies. If governments and residents consider effective ways to apply globalization, it will bring positive results.

Comment from ITP

Linh, this is a nice example of a balanced argumentative essay. You have discussed both sides of the topic as well as expressing your opinion in the conclusion.