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"Poverty Problems"

Poverty has become a considerable problem in some countries. What are the causes and the effects of this dilemma?

Surprisingly, with the development of the world, the poverty rate still stands at a high level in some countries. In Vietnam, particularly in the center, poverty is the most significant dilemma that the local people have to face. What are the main reasons for this issue and how does it affect people's lives? Both the causes and effects will be presented in detail.

The state of being very poor in central Vietnam has been caused by a variety of reasons. The most significant cause which brings a lot of troubles for the residents, is a natural disaster called flooding. A large number of local people's houses are destroyed every year. It has been happening for many years and the losses from these disasters have also increased year by year. In addition to this, the government does not have effective policies to address this problem. They invest a great quantity of money in constructing infrastructure in modern cities instead of raising the money to help the people in this poor area.

As a result, the resident's lives have been becoming more difficult because of the effects of the disaster. Houses are destroyed which gives them considerable anxiety about their accommodation situation. In addition, the lack of education is also one of the most noticeable causes of poverty harming the present generation. Another reason which is referred to by charity organizations is the lack of food and clothes. The organizations have to bring food and clothes raised from other regions in the country for these unfortunate people.

In conclusion, poverty is still continuing although there have been some solutions created. Should the government have some policies which can help the Vietnamese residents in the center? If the impoverishment in Central Vietnam is ameliorated, the country will be completely developed.

Comment from ITP

The example of Central Vietnam supports you opinion effectively. Some good academic language related to cause/effect- reasons, affect, has been caused by, as a result Some good academic language related to problems- dilemma, issue, troubles, disaster, significant disaster, ameliorated, harming