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"International Debts"

The issue of international debts is quite difficult and controversial. Probably, the question can even be extended: is it possible the existence of rich countries without poor ones? Ordinary peoples can only speculate about this topic.

There are many arguments for and against, but, in my opinion, the debts must be paid. Let's consider the simplest example. When one person borrows some money from another and afterwards become a bankrupt, who will let him just say «sorry» and forgive a debt? If we apply this principle to the macro-economy, then, I think, it would ruin the whole banking system. If rich countries decide to forget some debts and not others, then everyone with a debt would want it eliminated and difficult decisions would have to be made concerning which debts to drop.

However, there are reasons why some debts should be eliminated or reduced. Often debts are caused due to history. Therefore, many of the poorest countries in the world are stuck in a cycle of debit. For instance, African countries were dependent for centuries. They initially had poverty before they had freedom. This was a good reason for turning them to colonies again, but it was economic slavery. From the point of view of humanism, debts of these countries should be forgiven. The well-fed society ought to think not only about their immediate concerns. Unfortunately, I suppose, such fabulous dreams will happen only in a perfect world.

Frequently, debts are used for a political influence. One example today is the Ukraine. Its economy is plummeting, they owe more and more. Who will pay for these debts?

Comment from ITP

A good discursive essay using pertinent examples. You could score around 7 for the original (it has now been proofed). Do not use contractions in academic writing.