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Many people feel that immigrants should be prepared to adapt to the local customs and should leave their own cultures behind them. Others believe that cultural differences should be accepted and that multiculturalism should be encouraged.

What is your opinion?

The world is getting smaller and smaller. It is easier to travel now than at any time in the past, consequently, immigration from country to country has increased. These immigrants often bring cultures that are foreign to the host country. Traditions and customs that differ from the country of residence are accepted by some and rejected by others. While some people contend that immigrants should change their cultures to suit the host country, others feel that cultural diversity enriches their society.

The main reason why people who immigrate into other countries need to remodel their traditional behaviors is to be successful in the new country. It is necessary for migrants to become familiar with the standards of behavior that exist in that country. For example, spitting in public may be acceptable and appropriate behavior in some countries while it might be unacceptable and inappropriate in others. As a result,, such behavior could cause confrontation and might impact on the preparedness of people to accept the newcomers. Consequently, unwelcome migrants might have difficulty in becoming a part of the community. This would impact on their ability to be successful in the new chosen country.

However, there are two main reasons why new cultures are important to the development of the host country. Firstly, they provide us with new ways of doing things and secondly they offer new perspectives on the things we already do. For example, Italian migrants brought their food culture to Australia in the 20th century which significantly improved what was a bland and often unhealthy English diet. Italians also contributed to the host country's culture by displaying a way of life often described as work hard/play hard. Many believe that Australia is a better place as a consequence.

In conclusion, migration will continue, and societies need to find ways to acculturate their new citizens. I believe it is important to try to embrace the positive things that migrants offer with an open mind. Migrant culture can be beneficial to a country's development. However, it is important that migrants maintain an awareness of the norms and etiquette of the host country.

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