Task2 - Ethics >> NGO Aid

"NGO Aid"

Non Government Organizations play an important role in many countries around the world.

What is your understanding of the function of an NGO?

Can you give an example?

Non-Government Organizations, or NGOs, play a critical role in the globalized world that we live in today. NGO's are organizations that effectively function in areas that are not the traditional fields of responsibility for governments. A further definition of this type of institution would define it as a group that does not operate as a conventional for profit business.

The organizational composition and funding for an NGO is also quite unique. Non Governmental Organizations are initially established by members of the community. After the NGO is set up, additional staff are employed in a voluntary capacity. The monetary support for these organizations could be drawn from private individuals, foundations, businesses, or, in some cases, even governments themselves. The activities of these groups range throughout the world and could include environmental, human rights or developmental work. An NGO could be operating at a local, regional, national or international level.

Perhaps the best way to exemplify is to look at a highly effective NGO that has been operating at an international level for quite some time. CARE is an NGO that focuses on ameliorating poverty in many international locations. The acronym CARE stands for the Cooperative for Assistance & Relief Everywhere. Their mission is to provide assistance to many impoverished communities around the world. These communities may have been adversely affected by events that have led to poverty, hunger, violence and disease.

While providing an exact definition of an NGO can be difficult, there is no doubt that NGOs play an essential part in the life of the international community.