Task2 - Ethics >> Abolish Capital Punishment?

"Abolish Capital Punishment?"

Some people believe that capital punishment should be abolished. What is your view?

Life changes every day, and human behavior also changes day by day, but with a negative trend. People have become more focused on materialistic pursuits. Consequently, greed and jealousy appear, and the relationships between humans worsen. Burglars, shoplifters and even murderers have become common. The crime rate increases and many policies are legislated. The death penalty is one of them. However, some opponents think this punishment is so violent and it should be cancelled. There are arguments which support both points of view.

Some people think that capital punishment is not a good method to reduce crime. They believe that human nature is not bad, so every person who makes mistakes should have a chance to redress what he/she did. Moreover, criminals must continue to live, to be convinced, to be regretful and to try to redeem themselves for their victims. Capital punishment can help victims or their families feel better, but who will be responsible for the criminals' action?

However, advocates of the death penalty think it cannot be abolished. Although human nature is good, when people do a serious crime, it means they are no longer honest people. Petty crime does not require the use of harsh punishment, but for sexual assault and murder, serious punishments are necessary. For example, if a girl is raped, how will she live the rest of her life? There is no way to compensate this guilt, neither materially nor spiritually. Furthermore, soft sentences will merely encourage them to do it again. No one can guarantee that they will not re-offend when they re-enter society. The death penalty is a good way to deter serious crime.

To summarize, I strongly support capital punishment, because I think if they dare cause a serious crime, they should be ready for capital punishment and accept all consequences. Cancelling this penalty means we are creating chances for people who are committing or tending to commit crimes to continue their illegal actions.

Comment from ITP

Very good essay Tran. I really like your introduction where you link the greedy pursuit of material possessions with an increasing crime rate.