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"Crime & Punishment"


Some people feel that all criminals should be treated the same, regardless of the circumstances of their crimes. However, others think that the events surrounding a crime need to be considered carefully before punishing criminals.

What is your opinion?

Crime is an unfortunate occurrence in most communities around the world. How to deal with crime is a difficult question for these communities. While some people believe that criminals should be handled with discrimination, others think that blanket punishments best serve the community.

When crime happens, criminals need to be punished. The punishments dealt to criminals are important for discouraging crime. It is also necessary to remember that crimes are often committed for varying reasons. For example, the killing of a person can be regarded as a murder or manslaughter. The difference is the intention of the killer. If the death was accidental, then the killer should receive a lesser punishment than if the crime was deliberate.

However, other sections of the community feel that strong punishments are a deterrent, and that they should be universally applied. There are two advantages to this approach. Firstly, criminals would think twice before committing a crime. For example, if criminals knew that a harsh punishment would always be applied for any crime, they would certainly think twice before committing that crime. Secondly, the cost of policing and applying the law is exorbitant. Strong universal deterrents reduce crime, consequently, reducing the cost of crime to the community.

To conclude, in my opinion, strong punishments should be meted out to criminals although on some occasions a deeper consideration of the circumstances of the crime is essential.

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