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Some sections of the community contend that all boys and all girls' schools are the best way to educate children while others believe that mixed gender schools are more effective.

What is your opinion?

Education is one of the most important services offered to the young people in our communities. For primary and secondary school students, there are single sex and mixed gender educational institutions to choose from. While some people believe that all boys and all girls' schools offer the best education, others contend that young students are better off in coeducational environments.

The argument put forward in support of same sex schools is that students are more able to focus on their studies. It cannot be denied that the opposite sex is attractive, and, therefore, could be a distraction from schoolwork. It is a fact of life that teenage boys and girls are drawn to each other. Consequently, some high school students may lose concentration and application.

However, there are arguments that support a coeducational experience for young people. Society is made up of both the male and female genders. It stands to reason that if the opposite sex represents fifty percent of the population, we need to be able to interact with them. Moreover, a part of any good education involves learning social skills. These skills are best taught at a young age if we want our youth to be comfortable and confident when socializing with their gender counterparts.

In conclusion, the educational environment is important to facilitate quality learning outcomes. In my opinion, same sex schools can provide learning opportunities that are devoid of diversions, however, all young people need to learn social skills so that they can confidently.

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