Task2 - Gender >> Gender equality in the workplace/Trang, Thao, Thu

"Gender equality in the workplace/Trang, Thao, Thu"

Employers should ensure that there are equal numbers of males and females in managerial posts in companies.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Among nations, gender inequality still exists, especially in the workplace. To deal with this problem, some people think that companies should narrow the gap between men and women in their managerial positions. Everybody has their own strong points, therefore employers ought to give the same chances to both. Personally, I think I cannot disagree more with that statement.

Nowadays, females play an important leading role in boosting the economy as well as society, which means sex discrimination no longer exists. Some people might think that females are not good at managing, however, there are many women who are famous for administrating around the world such as the CEO of HP, Pepsico. In some surveys, females play the part of manager better than males because of good-communication skills, their emotions and their patience. Women account for half of the world, so employers should keep an equal number of males and females in management positions to ensure equality.

Simultaneously, males also enhance economic development. According to the survey, women are less likely to choose science and IT fields of study, and even though they do, they are less motivated to take up a career in these fields. This leads to a shortage in the workplace. Nevertheless, males can fill in this shortage, because they are better at logical and technological jobs. In fact, to build prosperity related to these typical fields we predominantly need both men and women's ideas.

To sum up, in my point of view, the best way to build and develop countries is through balance of gender. Therefore, we should make sure that there are a number of organizations working to give women and men the same opportunities in all aspects of the workplace and society as well.

Comment from ITP

A very good "balanced" approach to the issue of gender inequality in the workforce. A discussion about why feminine characteristics are useful to extend the ideas in the second paragraph would improve your essay. Some good language for discussing equality: equal, inequality, discrimination, balance, shortage, "give the same chance", "give the same opportunities", "narrow the gap"