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"Equality For All"

"Gender Equality"
"A woman's place is in the kitchen."
Do you agree?

There is a joke widely known on the internet: go make me a sandwich, woman. As funny and jokingly it may seem, it raises a number of questions about gender equality. A woman, in my belief should not be confined to just the kitchen.

Women are considered the weaker sex. I personally know some women who can put a hole in a man's face, but women are more likely to put a hole in a man's heart. Who is the weaker sex now? The idea of equality might seem far fetched, since men usually want to be the dominant ones. However, we are living in a modern society, where women sometimes even take the lead. Marie Currie, Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe and Hillary Clinton are some of the greatest people who ever lived in their own fields. There is a saying; behind every successful man, is a woman. Women symbolize beauty, forgiveness, kindness and even intelligence.

Then, there is this double standard. A woman can hit you as hard as she can, but if a man hits a woman, he is a rapist, a drug addict, uncivilized and violence. This is debatable depending on what type of woman he was hitting. Even so, a woman stares a man's crotch and it is considered flirting whereas a man stares at a woman's breasts, it is perverted. This double standard remains an unresolved issue along with gender equality.

As stated, men and women are people. We should treat each sex depending on who they are not on their genders. It is because of the differentiating of males from females that we have created double standards. It is about time, we treat everyone equally.

Comment from ITP

You have given an excellent example on how women can discriminate against men. A good, balanced argumentative essay.