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"Sex-Selective Abortion/ Giao"

What are the effects that this problems can lead to, and what solutions are there to solve it?

In recent years, sex-selective abortion has been common in areas where cultural norms value male children over female children, especially China, Pakistan and India. Therefore, the biggest concern of people today is the sex-selective abortion rate increasing significantly in developing and developed countries. This essay will determine the effects of this problem and suggest the solutions to tackle it.

First of all, sex-selective abortion brings some negative effects. Gender imbalance is the main adverse consequence of this issue. It means that the male birth rate is bigger than the male birth rate. For example, 94% of unmarried people aged 28 to 49 are male in China in 2014. In addition, this is also leading social evils. Especially, the rate of trafficking women is becoming more common. Women must undergo physical and mental violence. Furthermore, it also causes an imbalance in marriage as well as widening the gender imbalance.

Society need to realize the serious consequences of sex-selective abortion. The main solution of this problem is legislation. Supporters of this opinion are restricting the scale as well as the heavy fines. Another point is changing attitudes through a combination of media and policies. It can be seen the fact that the campaigns which mention the equality between boys and girls are common in Vietnam. Moreover, the government has been implementing policy to protect the rights of women.

In conclusion, sex-selective abortion has occurred and it is a serious subject in many Asian countries. It brings a lot of drawbacks for global development. Therefore, the leaders in each country should find different solutions to treat it. I believe that this circumstance will be prevented in the future.

Comment from ITP

Hi Giao, This is a highly controversial issue which you have discussed with sensitivity. Some good supporting statistics from China. In your conclusion, you talk about development, but this idea has not been explored in your essay. In future, please do not introduce new information into your conclusion.