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"The Roles of Women"

WRITING TASK 2: A women's place is in the kitchen. Do you agree?

In the 21st century, women no longer just stay at home and do housework. Because of the developing economy, they have a lot of opportunities to find good jobs with high income. Indeed, in recent years, women have more knowledge about the world which is not still limited by their domestic circumstances. As a result, a woman's place is not in the kitchen.

First of all, the establishment of equal rights between men and women has become a reality which is a evident in human life. Namely, men can share a part of the housework when women do not have enough time. For instance, they can take care of children, cook meals and clean floors. Furthermore, because of modern workplaces, women are considered a potential human resources when they express smart, sociable, careful and enthusiastic abilities in their jobs. For that reason, they absolutely can work in high positions such as leaders, managers or CEOs as well as earn a lot of money; often more than men. In addition, in some countries where the equal rights are estimated to be at a high level, the government enforces some policies which require men to help their wives otherwise they will be punished.

To continue, the reason which explains why people think that women can not do important jobs such as earning money, owning businesses and to being leaders at a company, is because of the ancient concepts of some people, especially, those who are in some oriental countries. They believe that men have played fundamental roles in supporting their family, whereas, women have had to stay at home and look after children. Some women even are looked down on in the society. Consequently, in the present, plenty of people still have doubts about the abilities of women. In contrast, some women have demonstrated that they can do jobs that have been regarded as exclusive for men such as engineering and building construction as well as joining the army.

In conclusion, it has not been easy to change some old-fashioned beliefs that women are just suitable in the role of housewife. However, in my opinion, women are given a lot of opportunities in society, but they still have more pressure to balance between work at offices and home. To tackle this serious problem, people really need to connect policies and traditional customs to create much more equality for women.

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Good essay Thi. Balancing lifestyles is a sometimes very difficult.