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"Working Women/ Hang"

Many people think that men should go out to work while a women's place is in the home.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

We cannot deny that men play a vital role in the modern society today. That is why people usually consider that a male's elevated responsibility is working to get money while women just need to stay at home for taking care of their cozy house. My personal view is that women can also do many things which men have done.

There are several reasons why I regard that women are capable of working as well as or even better than men. Firstly, women now have more than enough of both intelligence and ability for business and politics. For example, it is clear that the president of Germany, Mrs. Angela Merkel, is not only a powerful, but also a talented woman who has helped Germany develop for many years. In addition, she is leading her country to become one of the top nations in the world. Secondly, as can be seen, women these days can be a pillar of the family and earn money. For instance, a woman is able to protect her family without a husband, such as divorcees and widows, or even when she is living with her husband. That is because women are strong enough to overcome difficulties in life. Hence, women should be respected and evaluated highly like men.

However, it is observed that males are usually more responsible for finance than females. In order to prove this, people say that in the past men always did all the important things at home as well as in society. And women, besides their innate duty of giving birth, have to do housework and look after children. What is more, this has been a custom which could not change in Eastern countries, especially in Vietnam, thus, males are always believed to be more responsible for gaining money than females.

In summary, we are living in the modern life, so women and men all have the same obligations. It may be true that males are often more successful than females. Nevertheless, females are now stronger and more clever than before, thereby, the more things that women can do, the greater the achievements women can get.

Comment from ITP

Excellent essay Hang. Your discussion of gender issues through a comparison of Eastern and Western women brings an interesting perspective to the debate.