Task2 - Health

Title : Diseases of Affluence & Poverty

Western academics often categorize our world so as to better understand it. Health related issues ca... (Continue reading)

Title : Health Care Spending

Some people say that when deciding how taxes should be spent, governments should prioritise health c... (Continue reading)

Title : Sports Facilities Affecting Public Health

In the present age, sports facilities are playing an increasingly important role in people's health.... (Continue reading)

Title : Rushing to Stress/Haste & Health

Many medical professionals believe that stress has significant adverse impacts on health. What are t... (Continue reading)

Title : Antibiotics & Superbugs

Many new types of bacteria are appearing in the world today and these superbugs are often resistant ... (Continue reading)

Title : Tobacco & Health

Mortality rates in developing countries as a consequence of legalized drug use are increasing. What ... (Continue reading)

Title : Aging Populations

Because of falling birth rates and better healthcare, the world's population is getting steadily old... (Continue reading)

Title : Cloning & Ethics/ Tuan Nguyen Minh & Sang Nguyen Hoang

Human beings have been using technology to benefit themselves for a very long time. Recent advances ... (Continue reading)

Title : Abortion/ Human Rights/ Tien Nguyen Tran My & Quynh Tran Nguyen Truc

The right to procreate is considered a human right, or the rights of all life. In some societies the... (Continue reading)

Title : Ameliorating Obesity/ Thy, Tram, Linh & Nhung/ Deissy

Topic: There has been a noticeable increase in the average weight of people in some countries. In yo... (Continue reading)